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Digital Direct Response Marketing

1. Analysis
Analyse the market

To produce measurable reactions and results it is important to know where your potential costumer is to reach them at the right time and moment to complete your desired goal. The goal of our analysis phasis is to understand the market and identify costumer segments and target groups as basis for a measurable and scalable digital campaign.

2. Create
Creation of an Indivdual Sales Funnel

To understand the path a costumer goes from awareness to completion of a desired goal is the core element of every digital sales process. The goal is to maximize costumer value by creating individual market instruments for every campaign. These market instruments can for example be split testing, creating sales pages or setting up an email campaign for creating costumer loyalty.

3. Scale
Scale and Optimize

A constant monitoring and analysis of a performance based programmatic campaign is undeniable because you can quickly lose your overview over all the different advertising channels. To scale properly its important to be able to measure every action throughout your whole sales funnel like click trough rates, views and performed actions you wanted a visitor to do. The basis of every digital campaign optimization process is a solid tracking system.

digital Advertising

Through databased cross-channel campaigns

To reach scalable results in the digital world you have to have an efficient digital marketing strategy and an analytical approach fitting to the costumer.

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Fast scalable results

Programmatic digital advertising campaigns can complement your long-term strategies like search engine optimization and content marketing by adding fast scalable insights .


The optimal strategy is an individual to the product or service adapted mixture out of analysis creation and optimization components. Our digital strategy individually designed for every project and is based on the following building blocks:

Market Analysis

On which point in the sales process is the costumer and decides to buy a product or service? Which motivations and needs is he or she driven by? Which insider terminology and language is used in a specific niche of a market?

Keyword recherche

The right keyword strategy is the core of every good campaign. To reach every costumer at the right place and time you need an exact understanding on the intentions of a search query.


As advertiser or agency it is important to know what is actually working in the market and what is not. A research of advertising channels, costumer journeys and products of the competition is part of this process.

Strategy planning

Because of the countless possibilities you can loose the overview quiet fast. Because of that is very important to have a simple straight forward strategy at the beginning and expand it as you go and your campaign grows.

Social Media Advertising

Social channels like Facebook mostly serve the entertainment and communication needs of its users. Because of that reason you have to adapt your social advertising strategy. You have to consider that you are doing interruption marketing and based on that fact you have to design your strategy.

Native Advertising

Native creative formats are ads that are embedded in a content site like for example under a blog post. Best use this channel is to combine it with an advertorial based funnel. At the same time the value and quality of the content should be high and in every way compliant with the advertising channel.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

A traditional and at the same time a channel with great reach to win costumer in every phase of the buying process. Particulary important in that channel is the keyword strategy because potential costumer search based on keyword queries.


Another traditional advertising channel which suffers more and more from banner blindness and the increasing usage of adblockers but still very effective with the right strategie.

Email Advertising

A core element of every cross channel campaign. Communication via Email is a vital element to win costumer loyalty and bound them long term. The Lifetime Costumer Value can be raised drastically and you bid higher on advertising platforms by still being profitable.

Salesfunnel & Costumer Journey

Through split testing of landing pages, sales pages, email newsletter, display advertisement sand keywords, media costs are reduced and costumer value increases.


On latest statistics on internet usage the number of mobile users passed the number of desktop users. In digital strategies it is key to optimize for mobile and adapt to the trend.

Content Strategie

A content strategie is in most of the cases a good bet. Specifically effective in combination with native advertising and email marketing. A solid backing for all outbound strategies to increase organic growth via for example a corporate blog, search engine optimization or public relations.

Affiliate Partner

When implemented correctly Publishing Partners can be a very effective expansion in your digital strategy. On provision base your brand can profit from Website owners by sharing a percentage of the profit or paying on lead basis.


A very efficient discipline in digital advertising. A user group that already saw your advertisement will be exposed again to a similar ad to expose a potential customer again to your offer.


Tracking every possible element in your advertisement funnel is essential to optimize, scale and analyse the user behavior based on data.


Customer relationship management is the basis in acquiring long term customers on every digital level. Part of it is communication software for email autoresponders and newsletters, collecting customer data in a central database and documenting the communication in general with a customer.

The right marketing mix

Performance based digital advertising complements longer term strategies in many ways. Before you invest a lot of time and budget in for example a content strategy, you can test the market segment with small budget and time investment via trackable channels like Facebook, Display or search engine advertising. At the same time you can diversify on different channels.

The Framework - A Solid Foundation


The content management system is a solid basis of a professional website. It doesn’t matter if it is in house or a popular CMS on the market like WordPress, Jommla or Drupal – It is a perfect tool for multi user editorial purposes.


A good customer relationship management system combines communication, data management and intern corporate communications in relation to the customer.

Application E-Commerce

Marketing im Onlinehandel unterscheidet sich geringfügig von anderen Disziplinen, da es spezifische digitale Kanäle für bestimmte Vorhaben zu erwägen gilt. Zentraler Bestandteil einer E-Commerce Strategie ist die Entscheidung über die E-Commerce Platformen auf denen man Produkte vertreiben möchte. Amazon, Ebay, Google Shopping oder der eigene Online Shop sind hier die populärsten Optionen. Besonders beim Wählen des eigenen Shopsystems ist es besonders wichtig richtig einzuschätzen wie groß der eigene Shop ist und dementpsrechen das geeignete Shopsystem zu wählen. Kleinere Shops sind hier gut bedient mit kompakteren aber dennoch starken Shopsystemen wie Shopify. Bei bereits größeren oder stark wachsenden Händolern ist eine je nach Bedürfniss angepasste Lösung wie beispielsweise Magento notwendig.


To know what your visitors are doing on any page of your funnel is key to measure the success of your campaign. If you don’t know your return on investment you can not plan your budget accordingly and make the right decisions. For a working optimization process a solid tracking system is crucial.

Design & Conception

You can be the best in ad psychology and copywriting if you can not design content accordingly. On conceptional basis it is important to master Web Development, graphic Design and content writing. The art in it is to allocate a team of experts.

Performance through Cloud Hosting & CDN

To support sudden spikes in demand on your website like for example seasonal traffic spikes or reactions to promotions, it is crucial to have a strong technical foundation to back it up. With cloud hosting and content delivery systems you can lay that foundation.

Solid Project Management

A solid project management is key for keeping the overview about all the different parts that are going on in a digital campaign. To manage these properly we see every campaign as own project.

Automation on every level

Reaching highest levels of campaign automation is the basis for scaling campaigns. The target is to make every process as efficient and controlled as possible and keep control at the same time. To reach that we implement modern advertising technology like virtual hosting environments, automatic sales and payment processors and Custom targeting on Demand Side.